The Enneagram in Australia

There are many active practitioners creating diverse opportunities to experience the Enneagram in Australia. Whilst there is use of the Enneagram in business, government, and not-for-profit sectors (generally focusing on styles of communication, feedback, teamwork, and responses to change), much of what is offered occurs in the area of personal transformation.

The ongoing acceptance (particularly within the Australian corporate world) of Emotional Intelligence as an integral part of leadership has provided a springboard for the Enneagram to underpin the development of Self-Awareness. There are a number of high profile corporate, not-for-profit, and government organizations who are using the Enneagram in this way.

The Enneagram is also being linked to Leadership Resilience and Authenticity as it offers more "holistic" insights into the unique characteristics of leaders and supports the concept of strengths-based leadership given its focus on the "gifts" that each leader brings and can develop.

There is also early and significant work being done in the development and use of the Enneagram in the identification and development of organisation culture – both current and desired. As this becomes linked to individual and team development, an organisation is provided with an integrated approach to the way in which it creates and/or changes the culture to support its aspirations and goals.

Whilst Australia is "down under," there are ongoing opportunities to study with Enneagram teachers from other cultures as they do regularly visit Australia and Asia. Being able to more effectively share what is happening at a state, national, and regional level with various groups, practitioners, and events would certainly benefit the entire Enneagram community – as the potential for increasing knowledge, understanding, and application is certainly there.

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As co-founder of Global Leadership Foundation, Gayle upholds the principles of self-realisation, collaboration, and stewardship and is passionate about making a positive difference to people's lives and their businesses and communities - both local and global.

With over 30 years of enthusiasm, experience, and recognised expertise, Gayle currently works with boards, CEOs, senior management teams, and individuals in some of Australia's leading organisations. She works in a range of specialty areas that focus on transformational change in individuals and organisations that enable business success to be achieved. In collaboration with her business partner, Malcolm Larenzby, Gayle has combined her business acumen with the significant insights of the Enneagram to create unique and transformative approaches to leadership and culture.

Gayle is recognized for her work in applying the Enneagram to identify both the current and desired organisational culture, current leadership behaviours and growth potential, and she has created ways of working and integrating Enneagram practices - for example, using all three Centres of Intelligence: Instinct, Heart and Head - in the cultural change process. Leaders within these organisations not only experienced positive and profound changes in their own ways of leading and working with others, but they have also seen the same changes occurring in the culture of their organisations.