The Enneagram in the Czech Republic

In Czech companies, the Enneagram is used in interviews, personal coaching, team coaching, team building, and emotional leadership. There are courses on how to use the Enneagram in feedback, conflict resolution, and communication, as well as special open-business courses, where participants are taught how to use the Enneagram in business. Human resource managers are also learning and using the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a methodology for changing people's habits to form their personal and professional future. We also use the Enneagram for individual emotional training, teaching the ability to process through negative feelings and transform them. The Enneagram helps us to find a way to change habits and it is a method for everyday conscious working, conscious presence, and conscious decision making.

For emotional and social competencies and personal development, the Enneagram has been used in basic and secondary schools in the Czech Republic. A project involving training 6000 teachers over two years in various EU locations was concluded successfully last year. The next step is family and parents‘ Enneagram education.

There is also a new re-skilling program, LOR (Lectors for Personal Development), that was successfully launched just this year. They are learning about the Enneagram, basic levels of emotional intelligence, coaching, and bodywork.

In the Czech Republic, we are having excellent results in increasing consciousness and changing lives.

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The Enneagram in Denmark

The Enneagram is used in Denmark in both private businesses and in businesses and institutions within the public sector. The use of the Enneagram in Denmark started in the nineties when consulting companies and HR consultants brought home the first information from conferences in the USA. Up until that point, the Enneagram was primarily known for being applied to personal development.

The Danish corporate world and public institutions have a tradition of using various personality systems, primarily based on C.G. Jung's typologies. But today, the situation is very different. A new generation of leaders and HR employees recognizes the potential of the Enneagram, one reason being the pedagogic and equal approach of the Enneagram that goes well with the Danish culture.

The first large companies to use the Enneagram in connection with organizational development were pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, IT companies, and a few industry businesses; these were companies and businesses where top management had focus on value-adding management and motivation based on the theory that not only leaders but employees in the entire organization can be motivated to show increased self-management and sense of responsibility via insight into and an understanding of how to communicate and work together constructively.

Today, the Enneagram has been integrated in the programs of large international as well as small Danish companies and organizations within the public sector, in their work with organizational development processes such as leadership development, change management, teamwork processes, sales, and communication. This work is often carried out in cooperation with external consulting or training companies, for private businesses, unions, or enterprises within the public sector. At the European Enneagram conference held in Denmark in 2008, Danish and international speakers expressed a particular focus on business workshops and it showed clearly that the interest in the use of the Enneagram is undergoing a positive development.

The use of the Enneagram within Danish businesses is expected to grow even further in the future as the Enneagram goes well together with the Danish culture and attitude that employees do not necessarily have to fill in a test but can, via dialogue and feedback, get a better insight into their own self and others.

The Danes are very process-oriented people who create results via dialogue and cooperation, trusting and respecting their colleagues to do the same. This is the attitude that Danish export companies take with them when they go into the world, and this is where the Enneagram can help bring new colleagues from different cultures together to work towards common goals via the shared language and understanding offered us by the Enneagram.

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The Enneagram in Finland

In Finland, we have been using the Enneagram system in organizations for over 15 years. Over that period of time, we've been working in a large number of companies, but particularly in health care and other public sectors. These Enneagram-based programs have been a part of wider organization effectiveness programs focusing on how to develop conscious and effective leaders and to enhance high-performing teams.

Many people first become acquainted with the Enneagram on a private basis – for example, a number of people have been exposed to the Enneagram through coaching or personal development programs and then decide to bring the system into their organizations. In addition, there have been courses throughout the country for life coaches, business coaches, and young leaders who will guide the future success of our companies.

Because Finland is a relatively open and receptive society, the Enneagram is well received once people become familiar with it. The enthusiasm among people here is vivid and a sign of that is that Finland has the biggest Enneagram Association in Scandinavia.

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The Enneagram in France

In France, more and more companies are using the Enneagram. A great deal of work has been achieved during the past 15 years, when it was first discovered by French people and applied in their personal lives, but later used by companies who understand the variety and effectiveness of the Enneagram's business applications.

French culture can be described like this: "All of us – we are all so very different that nobody can understand me and nobody can put me into a sort of box." The focus on individuality is an important part of French culture in general and the French managerial culture in particular. This is in contrast to Americans, who are more team oriented – though still individualistic – and regularly work with others in a pragmatic way.

Relationships are more complex than in the United States. French people are more closed and reserved, and the organizational hierarchy is still very often more of a "military" or "top-down" style. As a result, there was some initial reluctance among French companies to embrace an empowering system like the Enneagram, but it is now gaining acceptance because companies in the United States and other European countries have had such positive results using it. In addition, the French are well educated and exploratory, and it is obvious that organizations must change the way they do business as well as how they develop employees and leaders if they want to be competitive globally and locally, and that the Enneagram is a excellent way to do this.

In Paris, many French and multi-national firms are using the Enneagram in a variety of business applications such as teamwork, leadership, coaching, feedback, and conflict resolution, and many are using it on an ongoing basis. The Enneagram was originally introduced to several different companies by consultants, coaches, and trainers whom these organizations trusted based on prior successful work, and these organizations are now using the Enneagram in a wide range of applications. For example, a high-end luxury firm has been using the Enneagram more and more, starting with their French operations and now spreading it to their organization in other parts of the world.

In the western part of France, companies were seeking a new and effective method in order to increase respect for people at work and to make it easier for people to understand one another. They discovered that the Enneagram could be used to improve leadership, create better relationships, and foster team development. They find the Enneagram to be concrete, practical, efficient, and effective.

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The Enneagram in Germany

Interest in the Enneagram was awakened in the early 1990s by the bestselling books of Rohr & Ebert and Palmer. Shortly afterwards, people began to receive training in teaching and using the Enneagram in professional contexts. Since then, over 200 people have completed accredited training.

These trainings encouraged participants to introduce the Enneagram to support the development of entire organizations as well as teams, especially in the non-profit and social sectors (e.g. hospitals and nursing homes) or in networks of professionals.

It reached the profit sector shortly afterward, but its use was sporadic for several reasons:
  • Books about the professional use of the Enneagram, written by foreign authors in the late nineties, vanished pretty quickly from the market
  • Recently, new books by German authors have filled this gap, promoting the use of the Enneagram in specific applications (understanding people, authenticity in leadership, social skills for leaders, project management, simplify your life, no more excuses, etc.)
  • New learning materials and teaching tools for specific professional uses have been recently developed (Lapid-Bogda, Tödter/Salzwedel/Werner, and others)
However, a variety of companies from the metal, automotive, aerospace, chemical, and telecommunications industries have been impressed by the practical benefits the Enneagram offers them in terms of leadership and team development.

The German culture exhibits several characteristics of Enneagram Type Six. We are careful people and check something in detail before we are convinced. The time seems to be ripe now for a broader application of the Enneagram in the profit and non-profit sectors – the new materials facilitate the matter and the first feedback is encouraging.

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The Enneagram in Ireland

The Enneagram is delivered to a wide number of companies and organizations across may different sectors, from the large multinational to local service outlets. A number of organizations in the banking and finance area have received specific programs and workshops covering such topics as teambuilding, stress management, and conflict resolution. These have taken place in both the larger retail banking organization as well as smaller specialized finance companies. Applications have been either cross-functional, team, or issue specific.

In the health sector, specific work-related Enneagram workshops have been used for personal development, enhancing better team functioning and improving communication skills. Common applications have been staff in-service training as well as senior management team effectiveness.

Trainings and workshops are delivered in the more traditional industries including publishing and manufacturing, as well as the IT, pharmaceutical, and sustainable energy sectors. Areas of application have included team development, conflict management, and leadership.

A number of educational bodies have received either one-session workshops or ongoing courses including the Irish Management Institute, NUI Maynooth, and other third level institutions and second level schools. The Enneagram is now appearing in the curriculum of leadership programs, in particular the Burren Leadership forum. Business Coaching training organizations are now embracing the Enneagram and include modules in their programmes for certifying Business coaches.

The Enneagram is part of the curriculum for training workplace mediators by the Institute of Public Administration. Workshops in the application of the Enneagram in conflict are now approved by the Mediators Institute of Ireland for CPD among it members.

In the future, the trend is for the Enneagram to be more widely used in organizations for both individual and team development and applicable in specific areas such as marketing, performance management, and conflict management. In addition, trainings for business coaches, mediators, and HR specialists will be developed, thus allowing a wider diffusion of the Enneagram as a widely used method for self and team management.

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Eva is an emotional intelligence teacher, EPTP-certified Enneagram teacher (Palmer-Daniels), and an executive senior coach who specializes in personal development. A psychologist and university teacher, she manages her own company and provides courses for corporations and business groups, as well as programs open to the public.

In addition, her special experiences include the following: developing social and emotional competence for basic (primary) and secondary schools for over 6000 teachers; providing innovative lectures and programs focused on emotional and social competence; and developing emotional competence in leaders.

Vagn Kirkeskov is an international business consultant and business psychology advisor with more than twenty years of experience as an organization development consultant and executive coach.

Vagn's consulting company, Kirkeskov & Partners based in Copenhagen, is engaged in innovative joint ventures with Danish and international companies inside and outside of Scandinavia, creating collective and personal development and learning processes within and across traditional organizational business disciplines. This is done by combining Lean Management, change management, adult learning, conflict management and coaching with the Enneagram in a way that integrates these disciplines with the nine Enneagram personality styles.

Vagn's organizational knowledge stems from his involvement with Danish, Scandinavian, and global companies within both private and public organizations, and his physiological background allows him to work closely with responsible managers, making sure that both the managers and their employees understand the change process and are personally involved and motivated to take responsibility for their choices and decisions, as well as their consequences.

His major focus is to elevate the consciousness in organizations by developing the managers' and the employees' interest and desire for becoming self-managing, thus creating a positive psychological environment that enables motivated employees to work with more joy, growth, and well being.

Kristiina Harju works as organizational consultant, trainer, and executive coach with large national and international companies situated in Finland and throughout Europe. An accomplished presenter and speaker, Kristiina was nominated as one of the top speakers in Finland in 2006. In addition, her company, Fakta 6 Fiktio Oy, received the International Star Award for Leadership in Quality in 2008. Kristiina has also written eight books and numerous articles about leadership, teamwork, and coaching and is fluent in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Kristina's values include: (1) working in a spirit of sincerity, support, and integrity; (2) empowering her costumers to succeed; (3) understanding that financial resources are energy that should be used for human sustainability; and (4) life is a world in which there is an abundance of options and opportunities that we need to create and pursue!

In her work as a trainer, consultant, and coach for individuals and groups in a variety of companies, Brigitte provides customized services that use the Enneagram with the theory and practice of new relational behaviors to create a more personalized management.

For leaders, the goal is to acquire flexible, effective, and efficient leadership in order to create high-performing teams. She believes that "new management" involves the following: to be aware, to respect everyone's different talents, and to provide methods for employees at work that develop them effectively. The result is increased personal well being, a better understanding and the synergy between employees, and the opportunity to improve their skills and generate organizational success.

After receiving a Chemist Doctorate and having been in management positions for 20 years, Brigitte choose to change professions and become a trainer and coach using the Enneagram. She has studied with Helen Palmer and David Daniels in California and with Ginger Lapid-Bogda. In 1999, she created her company, Regard9, in the west of France. Today, Brigitte and her associates work for local and national companies and leaders' associations - for example, CJD.

Ulf Todter worked from 1990-1996 abroad as director of an international environmental NGO. Since 1997, he has been training and coaching leaders and staff in profit and non-profit organizations through a variety of professional development programs. His key topics include: leadership, self-management, personality development, life and career planning, work-life balance, systems thinking, taking action in organizations, and system constellations. Providing customized knowledge about the Enneagram, Ulf supports individuals, teams and organizations on their way, creating cultures in organizations that will succeed in the next decades.

Ulf works in conjunction with his partner Jurgen Werner and has been a certified Enneagram teacher since 1996 (by Neidhardt/Gallen). He is also certified in system constellations (2002) and Insights (1996), and is co-author of two Enneagram books in German: Erfolgsfaktor Menschenkenntnis (2006 with Jurgen Werner) and Fuhren ist Charaktersache (2008 with Martin Salzwedel).

Values-driven himself, Ulf believes that successful people follow their deepest core values in both their personal and professional lives. They know themselves and the effects they have on others, as well as understand how to effectively communicate and cooperate with others, even with people who are completely different from themselves. As Ginger Lapid-Bogda says, "they love what they do, are good at it, and are easy to work with."

Martin Quigley is a business professional with over 28 years of experience in business operations and human resources. He currently runs his own HR consultancy practice specialising in conflict management and personal development. His initial training was in psychology and marketing, and he also holds qualifications in organization and workplace mediation, coaching and mentoring performance management, and personal development. He coaches managers in people management skills, including performance issues, disciplinary and grievance processes, and conflict resolution. He has an extensive private practice offering career and personal development coaching.

A graduate of Enneagram professional, business, and leadership certificate programmes, Martin delivers personal and professional development programs using the Enneagram with individuals, teams, and organizations in the public and private sector. In addition, he provides programmes for the Irish Management Institute, the Burren Leadership Forum, and at various European Enneagram and Coaching conferences.

A certified member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland, the Employee Assistance Professional Association, and a graduate member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland, Martin is registered with the British Psychological Society to administer and interpret psychological tests and is qualified to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. He is also an accredited teacher by the International Enneagram Association.