Middle East

The Enneagram in Iran

An individual's life circumstances and culture bring limitations and possibilities in terms of how each person perceives the potential for change. Some of us still believe that human beings are attempting, above all else, to avoid pain and seek pleasure; we think that's how we survive.

The Enneagram has taught people in Iran to not control but, instead, to let go of the consequences and grow and be what they are capable of becoming. The use of the Enneagram in industries in Iran for the past few years has been in its early development or early-use stage. Many business sectors are now becoming familiar with the benefits of the Enneagram in business, as well as in daily life.

In schools, the Enneagram has brought self-awareness for our teachers who teach below the university level. They now notice their impact on students and how their impact can be transformed through time as they work on their own growth and development. Our parents have participated in such programs as a support for their children of all ages. Through the Enneagram, students are learning to be self-motivated and be creative in their own authentic ways. Our university teachers and students are appreciating and using the Enneagram in their professional lives.

Families are the most precious group that benefits the most from the Enneagram in Iran. They experience their fears of being intimate with their partners as well as with their children. Their communication becomes more functional and enjoyable with the Enneagram. They learn about emotional safety and respect. We have also activated a spiritual link for understanding the meaning of Lost with the Enneagram. We have had several workshops on the Enneagram and Yoga and the Enneagram and Chakra Therapy for our specialists in different fields. Our counselors and psychologists in universities are also using the Enneagram in their psychotherapy sessions. It helps them in diagnosing the behavioral reasons for their clients' symptoms.

Our medical doctors are using the Enneagram with their patients, while our top leaders in organizations are using the Enneagram for understanding the cultural changes and recognizing the consequences on our economic system. HR personnel are benefiting from it in terms of enhanced productivity.

The Enneagram is growing rapidly in Iran and giving us a practical approach for understanding the truth of Having, Being, and Doing in real life.

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A clinical psychologist and certified Enneagram teacher from the Narrative Tradition (Palmer-Daniels), I am a founding member of the International Enneagram Association Affiliate in Iran. I use the Enneagram, CBT, and MBCT to develop leadership and to increase productivity, effectiveness, and self-responsibility in individuals, teams, and organizations. I focus on the cultural context of personal and professional development by conducting cultural interventions in the workplace for teachers, families, and coaches.

I teach corporate, personal, and professional development workshops for leaders, employees, and supervisors and lead special corporate programs for women in leadership positions. I provide workshops for school teachers to increase their understanding of the effect they have on students and educate counselors, coaches, and therapists to enhance their personal, interpersonal, and professional skills. In collaboration with my team, we offer a variety of programs focused on helping families understand themselves and their family dynamics to create more functional and satisfying family lives. Additionally, I assist Ginger Lapid-Bogda as a co-trainer and coach in her Train-the-Trainer and other certification programs.

My values include the following: honesty, respect, ethical behavior, productivity, fairness, responsibility, taking action when needed, doing things with excellence, recognizing others and supporting them in achieving their goals, being strong yet flexible, and trustworthiness.