Business Applications of the Enneagram

Organizations across the globe are using the Enneagram in a wide variety of business applications, with new uses constantly emerging. Most organizations begin using the Enneagram to increase communication, foster feedback cultures, respond effectively to conflict, and enrich leadership styles and then move to applications such as creating high-performing teams, developing 21st century leadership competencies, enhancing sales performance, creating cultures of commitment and engagement, and more.

Once individuals identify their styles, they then use the system to understand and improve how they and others function at work. Although having the right skills is an essential ingredient of high-quality job performance, emotional intelligence (EQ) – the ability to accept and manage oneself and the capability to work effectively with other people – is equally important. In fact, people with high EQ tend to be more successful, more flexible, better learners, and more desirable coworkers.

According to a Harvard Business Review study (June 2005), employees were asked what mattered most in a coworker: someone who was competent or someone who was easy to work with. Most replied that while they preferred coworkers with both attributes, they would pick someone easy to work with if forced to choose between the two.

A premier way of developing emotional intelligence – that is, intrapersonal and interpersonal competence – the Enneagram helps us become "Loveable Stars," illuminating our probable strengths and development areas and providing concrete development activities designed specifically for individuals of our style.

In this section, you can learn how the Enneagram is currently being used in a number of important business applications.

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