The Enneagram in Professional Service Organizations

Professional firms that provide any type of service – whether it is medical, legal, consulting, advertising, architectural, or sales – benefit from using the Enneagram because it greatly enhances emotional intelligence at every level. This is true especially for leaders whose interpersonal and influence skills affect the success of their business most directly; not only do they recruit business, these leaders also set the tone for the entire organization. Leaders and professional employees need a strong professional skill set and on-the-job experience, and they also need the ability to communicate their message and deliver service while meeting client expectations. Since the work of service firms most often requires a team, it is imperative that each member understands his or her own strengths and development areas and is able to work well with others both inside and outside of the firm.

The Enneagram is being used in professional service organizations to accomplish these goals because it allows people to view others more objectively as opposed to taking them personally. The use of the Enneagram enhances interactions and relationships among employees, resulting in less conflict, better communication, increased cohesion, higher functioning teams, and greater employee satisfaction. Those who utilize the Enneagram are able to understand how they and others think, feel, and behave in a way that is nonthreatening because it incorporates a journey of self-discovery and emphasizes development rather than placing people into categories based on test results from which they cannot break free. Therefore, the Enneagram is a system that allows for greater retention and implementation of the information and insight gained, resulting in lasting, positive changes both on a personal and organizational level.

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I am a psychotherapist in private practice, a family mediator, trainer, coach, neurolinguistic programming practitioner (NLP), and a non-practicing attorney. My clients have included consulting firms and sales staffs, and I have coached and counseled business leaders, attorneys, judges, law enforcement officers, pilots, doctors, and therapists. This diverse range of experience allows me to serve a broad clientele with insight and compassion.

Through my work, I have discovered that the key to organizational productivity as well as individual success is self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Positive interpersonal connections allow people to work productively in an organization with less conflict, more personal and job satisfaction, and ultimately greater overall happiness.

The best method by which to know yourself, appreciate what you can offer, and overcome obstacles to both individual and group effectiveness is one that allows for self-discovery. The Enneagram is the approach I have found most effective in helping my clients to successfully and efficiently develop both individually and organizationally, and it is one that I am eager to share as widely as possible.