The Enneagram in Different Countries


Because the Enneagram is a universal system, accurately and profoundly describing individuals of all nationalities, races, and genders, it is being used in countries around the world. Just as appealing are the Enneagram's origins, with its roots in the Middle East and Asia, integrated with Western psychology for modern use.

This makes the Enneagram especially effective locally and globally. Local organizations can adapt the applications of the Enneagram to their cultural and organizational needs. Global organizations that want to develop a cadre of leaders with a common frame of reference – one that inspires respect, appreciates differences, promotes responsibility for one's own development and as well as the development of others – embrace the Enneagram.

In this section, you can learn how the Enneagram is currently being used across the globe, the cultural factors that have influenced the choice of particular applications of the Enneagram, and trends within the culture for future use.

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