To find your Enneagram style from among the nine Enneagram styles requires self-reflection about your patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. To help you do this, first launch the Enneagram Style Player and read about the nine different styles under the player tab called "Find Your Enneagram Style." After you’ve read about each style, if you are not sure which of two or more styles you might be, go to the player tab called "Enneagram Style Differentiators" and click on the two styles in question. In addition, you can read real stories from individuals of each style that describe how they knew they were that style.
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The Enneagram Style Player.
  • Find Your Enneagram Style
  • Enneagram Style Differentiators
  • Real Stories from the Nine Styles
In addition, the information on Enneagram style wings and arrow lines (four additional styles for each Enneagram style that can add characteristics to your personality) and the information of Enneagram subtypes (three variations of each style) may give you more insight and information about yourself and the Enneagram system.