"Coaching with the Enneagram" Certificate Program (35.5 ICF credits)


5-Day Coaching Certificate Program with Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph.D.

Fully integrates the Enneagram with the best coaching theory and practice for managers, mentors, and coaches

Build your Enneagram knowledge and professional skills.
Experience the Enneagram as it comes alive in coaching.
Engage, learn, and grow with other fascinating people!

Managers, mentors, and coaches have responsibilities for developing other people, all of whom have very specific coaching needs, are at varying levels of emotional maturity and emotional intelligence, and have different personality styles. As if this isn't challenging enough, those who develop others no longer have the luxury of time. Managers and mentors who coach are extremely busy; those being coached have multiple demands on their time; and because organizations are changing at an extraordinary pace, companies both need and expect those being coached to make great strides quickly.

By using the Enneagram in conjunction with effective coaching methodologies and well-timed coaching techniques, developers can achieve practical, efficient, high-impact, and transformative results with those whom they coach. At the same time, the ability of managers, mentors, and coaches to coach others well is directly related to their own level of self-development and their ongoing commitment to their own learning; these two areas relate to their ability to be aware, objective, and integrated as well as to engender respect from those they coach.

In this five-day coaching certificate program, participants gain:
    • Learning how the Enneagram system applies to coaching for depth of results
    • Understanding the 8 steps to effective coaching for any setting
    • Learning a focused, results-oriented coaching methodology
    • Understanding over 20+ high-impact coaching techniques, why they work, when it’s to best use them, and how to tailor them to the 9 Enneagram styles
    • Helping others accurately identify Enneagram styles in a one-on-one setting
    • Practicing the 20+ coaching techniques with individuals of different Enneagram styles
    • Coaching one person throughout the program, with observation and feedback
    Self-Development Opportunities
    • Throughout the program, each participant serves as a coach and a client. Thus, there are abundant self-development and growth opportunities for the participants.
To receive a coaching certificate from this program, participants are required to attend all sessions and to demonstrate a commitment to engage in the activities and to grow as a coach.

Participant Requirements
Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following: coaching, consulting, Enneagram, human resources, management, training, plus participants must attend all sessions

Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized Enneagram author, teacher, and organizational consultant who helps individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations use the Enneagram in their personal and professional lives. She is the author of four Enneagram-business books; provides state-of-the-art training tools and certificate programs; and recently created "Know Your Type," the Enneagram iPhone App. Her books include: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work; What Type of Leader Are You?; Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach; and The Enneagram Development Guide. TheEnneagramInBusiness.com • 310.829.3309

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