Consulting with the Enneagram


5-Day Consulting Certificate Program with Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph.D.

Consult using the Enneagram; integrate the Enneagram into your consulting practice

Consultants work with the real issues of organizations and teams in real time. Trainers, by contrast, teach a predetermined body of knowledge, attitudes, and skills in public or corporate forums. Thus, the skill sets needed by trainers and consultants are different.

Consulting with the Enneagram is a special six-day program open only to past participants of Enneagram in Business certification programs. Participants who want to have hands-on consulting experience learn to fully integrate the Enneagram with organizational consulting projects. Participants work on consulting teams with real clients who have organizational needs that the Enneagram, combined with other organizational technologies, can help resolve.

Participants work with clients following the Action Research Methodology, beginning with contracting and then moving to data collection and diagnosis, communicating the data to the client, the intervention with the client (challenging him or her to take action and then providing support for the actual action), and closure. All of this occurs in real time, with client meetings, observations and feedback to consulting teams, and more.

Clients are selected from among the participants; there is always a Head Style (Five, Six, or Seven), a Heart Style (Two, Three, or Four), and a Body Style (Eight, Nine, or One) client and they have a viable consulting project that involves the Enneagram in some way. These "clients" also participate as a member of a consulting team that works with a different client.

Sample client projects have included: designing a Enneagram consulting and training firm; coaching and succession planning for a founder of an organization; expanding a smaller Enneagram training project into a company-wide effort; developing a major culture change initiative for a large organization; and conflict resolution between two principles of a company, among others.

Participant Requirements
Participants must have completed one of the Enneagram in Business certification programs: Train-the-Trainer based on Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work, Leadership Train-the-Trainer based on What Type of Leader Are You?, or Coaching Certification program based on Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach.


"I highly recommend this invaluable training to experienced coaches, trainers, and consultants who are interested in expanding by using the Enneagram in client consultations. Utilizing systems theory and a well-established action research model, the Consulting with the Enneagram training supports diverse participants learning how to assist clients employ standard organization development (OD) planned change processes that strengthen organizational effectiveness and increase capabilities. Based on an experiential training model, Consulting with the Enneagram covers critical elements of consulting from front-end work including entry and contracting through implementing the planned change with the clients, termination and evaluation, providing participants real time opportunities to utilize and strengthen new skills, while benefiting from expert coaching that supports deeper and more integrated learning throughout the program."
-- Senior organization development consultant, USA

"During the years I have heard many people say: ‘organization development consulting is easy if you just follow a structured process.' I agree now! I realized during the programme that what I needed was ‘the process.' Now I have a structured process to follow and that feels safe and effective. I highly recommend this programme to anyone who wants a bite of the OD cake – and that cake is rather large at the moment…"
-- Senior trainer and coach, Denmark

"Working in consultant teams with real client issues, ‘Consulting with the Enneagram' was the most powerful course I have taken on both deep experiential and educational levels. I learned the OD consulting phases – contracting, collecting, communicating, challenging, changing, and closing – in order to identify critical issues and develop and implement an intervention plan fully integrated with the Enneagram for process consulting and coaching. I was greatly impacted by being part of a consulting team; consulting and coaching a client together, we were so much greater as a team than each individually. I highly recommend this course."
-- Former marketing executive and now trainer, USA

"The program is a must for both new and experienced consultants to improve both their skills and the quality of their work. Moreover, it encourages participants who might be tempted to acquire these complex skills quickly to learn a simple but efficient and effective methodology, as well as to gain firsthand experience in consulting. This program reveals and develops people's talents and abilities to help organizations of all kinds develop themselves, taking into account the environment, the organizational structures, and people. This is nothing less than the art of consulting. I love this program."
-- Consultant, trainer, and coach, France

"‘Consulting with the Enneagram' is like three excellent workshops in one. One, the workshop breaks the consulting process into easy-to-understand-and-implement building blocks equally useful for the experienced consultant and those new to the process. Two, the workshop provides focused experience in applying the consulting process and the Enneagram to a real world issue presented by one of the participants. Three, the workshop creates the opportunity to deepen your capacity to work with the Enneagram in a team of masters from around the world. In short, one of the best professional education meetings I have ever experienced!"
-- Coach, USA

"Again, I go home with a feeling that I had more than I expected. The program runs at many levels. There is a theoretical level of learning something new. There is a team process that always is a learning process for someone like me who teaches teams every day, and it is nice to feel in my own body what they go through. One more level is the whole group of participants that form a team, too. Last but not least, there is the level of personal growth. It's right there in front of you – and most people in the programme grab it and take the difficult journey through whatever is challenging in their type. To take that trip and at the same time watch other do the same is a very life-affirming process for me. And… it is all conducted in a very safe and professional way."
-- Trainer and coach, Australia

Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Ph.D., is an organization development consultant with more than 35 years of consulting experience. Dr. Lapid-Bogda has worked with companies such as Apple Computer, Kaiser-Permanente, Whirlpool, Genentech, The Clorox Company, Hewlett Packard, TRW, Sun Microsystems, and Time Warner, as well as service organizations, nonprofits, and law firms. She is the past president of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and a member of the Organization Development Network (ODN) and National Training Labs (NTL).

Dr. Lapid-Bogda provides organization development consulting, coaching, and training services that integrate the Enneagram with the theory and practice of OD. In addition, she offers training materials and Train-the-Trainer and certification programs based on the concepts of Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work: How to Use the Enneagram System for Success (McGraw-Hill 2004), translated into ten languages; What Type of Leader Are You? (McGraw-Hill 2007), translated into four languages; and the highly anticipated Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach (McGraw-Hill 2010).

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