The Enneagram Development Guide


Companion "Extreme Growth: The Development Journey" Training Tool available.

The Enneagram Development Guide is designed for people who are seriously committed to development, both their own and others they guide in this process. It was created with the following individuals in mind: those who want to use the Enneagram for their own growth and continuous learning; managers who are responsible for developing others and want effective development activities to suggest to those who work for them; and coaches who use the Enneagram and want a selection of development activities for clients of each style that target specific development areas.

This development guide is divided into ten sections – one for each style, with over 50 development activities tailored to that style. The tenth section includes additional developmental activities that are useful for everyone.

The activities in each section cover the following topics:
  • Self-Mastery
    Includes basic and deeper activities and how to use wings and arrows for development

  • Communication
    Includes type-based communication styles; how to change aspects of your speaking style, body language, blind spots, and listening filers that distort what is heard; and how to use e-mails as a development tool

  • Feedback
    Includes how to enhance your ability to give effective feedback and how to be more receptive to feedback when it is given to you

  • Conflict
    Includes conflict triggers for your style and how to use your reactions to conflict as opportunities for growth

  • Teams
    Includes how team members can enhance team performance at the four stages of team development – forming, storming, norming, and performing – and how to expand their most common task- and relationship-based team behaviors; includes specific development activities for team leaders

  • Leadership
    Includes three development activities specifically targeted to expand your Enneagram-based leadership style

  • Results Orientation
    Includes activities to help you drive for results effectively without going into overdrive

  • Strategy
    Includes activities to help you think and act strategically

  • Decision Making
    Includes how to expand your three Centers of Intelligence in decision making

  • Organizational Change
    Includes activities that take you beyond managing change to becoming a change leader

  • Transformation
    Includes activities that transform our mental and emotional patterns from reactive habits to expanded opportunities
To easily find the activities, you can use the book in any of the following ways:
  • Locate the Enneagram style and area for development in the table of contents or at the start of each section. This will give you the page number.

  • Go to the colored divider for the Enneagram style of your interest, look through this section, and find the development topic that will be most useful.

  • Thumb through the pages and find what you are looking for by reading the notation on the outer edge of each page. This indicates both the style and the development topic area on that page.
Coaches describe The Enneagram Development Guide as "pure gold." Managers eventually buy more than one copy because they have "dog-eared" so many pages and written so many reminders to themselves in the book.

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