What Type of Leader are You?
Using the Enneagram System to Identify and Grow Your Leadership Strengths and Achieve Maximum Success


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Table of Contents

The introduction explains why leadership excellence remains such a mystery to many organizations, provides an overview of the seven core leadership competencies in the book, and challenges the reader to take the path of extreme leadership growth

Chapter 1: What Type Are You?
Using descriptions of the nine Enneagram styles, complete with checklists and self-reflection questions, this chapter enables most readers to identify their Enneagram style. The inclusion of information on wings and stress-security points for each Enneagram style and how these may affect a person's personality further refines the accurate identification of type.

Chapter 2: Drive for Results
Because leaders at all organizational levels must learn to drive for results, the book begins with the six components of this core competency, emphasizing that leaders must focus not only on the ultimate goal or result to achieve excellent results, but also organize their work units for maximum effectiveness and oversee this process throughout. The strengths and developments areas for individuals of each Enneagram style are then discussed, with three development stretches for leaders of each style.

Chapter 3: Strive for Self-Mastery
Self-mastery provides the inner core from which all self-development work must start. Individuals of the same Enneagram may be at different levels of self-mastery – the ability to understand, accept, and transform your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. This chapter explains how individuals of each style think, feel, and behave at the three levels of self-mastery – low, moderate, and extreme self-mastery – and includes three development stretches for individuals of each style that enable them to increase their self-mastery.

Chapter 4: Know the Business: Think and Act Strategically
Leaders at all levels need to know the business and then use this information to think and act strategically. This chapter explores the six components of knowing the business and the five components of thinking and acting strategically. The strengths and developments areas for individuals of each Enneagram style are then discussed, with three development stretches for leaders of each style.

Chapter 5: Become an Excellent Communicator
Every leader must communicate daily to all kinds of people and using multiple media. This chapter reviews the six competency components of becoming an excellent communicator: creating genuine relationships, communicating clearly, listening fully, giving effective feedback, managing conflict, and influencing others. The strengths and developments areas for individuals of each Enneagram style are then discussed, and real e-mails are used and analyzed in order to illustrate how individuals of each Enneagram communicate. Each e-mail is then rewritten as a development stretch, according to tips for enhancing the communication.

Chapter 6: Lead High-Performing Teams
Leading high-performing teams is a crucial competency for today's leaders. This chapter examines the multiple components of team leadership. The strengths and developments areas for individuals of each Enneagram style are then discussed, with three development stretches for leaders of each style.

Chapter 7: Make Optimal Decisions
Leaders make decisions daily, but how do they go about making wise decisions? This chapter approaches decision making from the perspective of a leader's ability to make wise decisions by developing one's capacity to effectively utilize reason (the head), emotions (the heart), and instinct (the gut or body). The pattern by which leaders of each style use their head, heart, and gut is described as is their use of the three critical organizational factors – the culture, the decision-making authority structure, and the context of the decision. The strengths and developments areas for individuals of each Enneagram style are then explained, with three stretches for developing each Center of Intelligence – the head, heart, and gut – for a total of nine stretches per style.

Chapter 8: Take Charge of Change
Change has become a way of life in organizations. Consequently, leaders at all levels must be capable of effectively taking charge of change. This chapter describes how to both manage and lead change, discusses how leaders of each Enneagram style have both strengths and developments areas, and provides three development stretches for leaders of each style.

Conclusion: Stretch Your Leadership Paradigms
The book’s conclusion reminds leaders to use (but not overuse their gifts) and to work on their development areas before they become derailers (obstacles to their success). Most importantly, the conclusion shows how to use and stretch our leadership paradigms – that is, unconscious assumptions about what makes an excellent leader – that arise from our Enneagram style as a path toward extreme growth and conscious leadership.

The Resources section lists a minimum of four excellent books for each book chapter.

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Business Leaders

Todd Pierce
Vice President, Corporate Information Technology, Genentech, Inc.
    "No other approach to leadership growth is as accessible, relevant, and powerful as the path-breaking framework provided in What Type of Leader Are You? I have shared this approach with my leadership team, and I've observed breakthroughs by dozens of leaders. Ginger Lapid-Bogda's integration of the Enneagram with the seven critical leadership competencies is brilliant. Her methods enable you to increase self-awareness while also acquiring the concrete tools and emotional energy you need to become the leader you really want to be. I have seen this book change lives – it certainly has changed mine."
Colleen Gentry
Senior Vice President for Executive Development, Wachovia Corporation

    "Ginger's newest book is a practical tool for executives interested in real evolution as leaders. The information in What Type of Leader Are You? is pragmatic and results focused, and it doesn't shortchange the underlying depth of the Enneagram as a tool for transformation. In this book, Ginger offers a unique combination of business savvy, organization development, and in-depth self-development perspectives. Her solid understanding of today's business environment makes the book a tool that leaders can use repeatedly to enrich and expand their capabilities, turning already effective leaders into truly influential ones."
Chad Jorgensen
Managing Director, NU-EAR Electronics, Inc.

    "What Type of Leader Are You? creates a crucial bridge between big business and the Enneagram. Ginger's latest book is designed for the true professional: she applies the Enneagram to mainstream business applications through competencies such as Leadership Self-Mastery, Know the Business: Think and Act Strategically, and Make Optimal Business Decisions. Not only do readers learn about their leadership characteristics, but they're also provided with self-assessment exercises and Enneagram style-specific development recommendations for each competency area. As the managing director of one of the nation's leading hearing health care manufacturers, I recommend What Type of Leader Are You? and can't wait until Ginger creates training classes for this material. I will be filling her courses with enthusiastic employees."
Sara Isabel Behmer
Human Resources Executive Director, AVON Cosmetics, Ltd.

    "To be a great leader is a desire of all executives, but it is a challenge for many. This book is like a treasure map that shows the nine different ways to reach excellence in leadership. Enjoy this journey!"
Pravit Chitnarapong
President and CEO, Black Canyon Coffee Co. (Thailand), Ltd.

    "What Type of Leader Are You? is different from other Enneagram books in that it describes real life leadership lessons and provides practical and concrete guidelines, diagrams, and examples, all of which are very useful and apply to business life. I highly recommend that leaders at all levels of management read this book if they want to create winning teams in their organizations."
Nuala Ahern
Former member of the European Parliament (Ireland)

    "Ginger Lapid-Bogda's new book makes a vital contribution to the area of developing successful leadership skills. What Type of Leader Are You? is an essential book for people in leadership positions who wish to develop and raise the level of their true capabilities. The huge pressures and global challenges facing today's leaders make excellence in leadership critical to the success of any enterprise. This book is a superb tool for working with people of different cultures with intelligence and understanding."

Enneagram Teachers

Helen Palmer
Author of The Enneagram and The Enneagram in Love and Work

    "Dr. Lapid-Bogda adroitly describes how different types of people fulfill the core competencies of leadership in their own ways. Through the lens of the Enneagram, she directs our attention back to ourselves, and in a remarkably evenhanded and constructive way creates nine professional development programs, each anchored in self-observation and mindfulness of our own internal patterns. "
Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson
The Enneagram Institute, authors of Personality Types and The Wisdom of the Enneagram

    "We recommend this book for anyone in leadership wishing to use the superbly insightful tool of the Enneagram to access their innate gifts, identify their biases, and become truly great leaders."
David Daniels, M.D.
Co-author of The Essential Enneagram, co-founder of the Enneagram Professional Training Program, and clinical professor, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford Medical School

    "Ginger Lapid-Bogda has once again come up with an outstanding work. What Type of Leader Are You? is practical, insightful, thoughtful, and specific. Ginger covers all aspects of leadership, from business practices to leadership skills and people skills, and she offers a rich array of vignettes, examples, and exercises. Each chapter is virtually a book in itself. What Ginger achieves in this book is an integration of Enneagram understandings and business practices, which alone would make the book well worth reading."
Thomas Condon
Author of The Enneagram Movie & Video Guide

    "An excellent book that focuses the Enneagram's powerful insights on understanding and improving the reader's natural style of leadership. Filled with boots-on-the-ground examples, What Type of Leader Are You? is not just for leaders but for anyone who wants to grow and excel. It will help you identify and stretch your core competencies and natural talents, both on the job and off."
Jerome Wagner, Ph.D.
Author of The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles

    "Ginger has waved her creative wand over what is known about effective leadership skills and what the Enneagram says about nine personality styles, and out has popped this very readable brew of both. If you want to be a conscious leader, this book will wake you up."

Organization Development Consultants

Beverly Kaye, Ph.D.
Founder/CEO of Career Systems International and co-author of the internationally best-selling Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay

    "If you are a leader and think you've seen your share of books on this subject, don't stop until you've added this to your collection. Clearly, Ginger Lapid-Bogda has deep experience in coaching and consulting to a wide variety of leaders and their teams. Her sound advice is based on years of practice and strong theory, and this book is chock-full of excellent suggestions and astute examples that amplify her points and provide readers with a multitude of teachable moments."
Cresencio Torres, Ph.D.
Senior Enterprise Associate, Center for Creative Leadership

    "I have been reading this book with complete interest and amazement. What Type of Leader Are You? contains a unique combination of both Eastern and Western perspectives on leadership essence and development. Ginger Lapid-Bogda has contributed a culturally relevant view of what constitutes leadership success – self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, and business savvy. She illustrates her ideas in a practical, compelling, and straightforward way. The nine Enneagram styles and related leadership competencies identify strengths and opportunities that are specific, achievable, and relevant to the business of leadership development. I strongly recommend the book to anyone on the leadership journey."
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