Accelerating the development of leaders and employees at all levels
Coaching is fast becoming the premier development method for leaders and employees at all levels because the development is customized to the specific needs of the individual being coached.

The Enneagram in Business offers short-term, long-term, and crisis coaching specifically targeted to the development needs of executives, managers, supervisors, and key contributors as a way to support, guide, and sustain their growth and high performance.
    Short-term coaching occurs over a short period of time – typically two to eight sessions, with the coaching process lasting anywhere from one to four months – and focuses on specific and limited topic areas that can be effectively addressed during this short block of time.
    Long-term coaching can be as brief as four months or can extend over several years; this allows for outcomes that are larger in scale and deeper in impact than what can normally be achieved with short-term coaching.
    Crisis coaching is needed when an individual is experiencing an acute crisis and is under severe duress as the result of a work or home problem or an external event.
Using the Enneagram is not a quick coaching fix, but its profound insights enable clients to make great developmental strides quickly for three reasons: (1) the coaching conversations are extremely focused and insightful; (2) the recommended development activities are tailored to serve their specific needs; and (3) using the Enneagram allows clients to do a great deal of the development work on their own.

Individual One-on-One Coaching We provide individual coaching that is done in-person, on the telephone, or both, using the Enneagram and other complementary coaching approaches. Our coaching is firmly grounded in the needs of the organization and focused on the aspirations of the individual. Above all, we are committed to helping clients respond to real-time and current challenges and, at the same time, develop longer-term capabilities, including the ability to sustain high levels of self-mastery and performance after the coaching is over.

Intensive One-on-One Coaching Retreats Special coaching intensives are available; these occur over two or three consecutive days in a relaxed, retreat-like setting, where the focus is on the client's specific, in-depth coaching goals and there are few distractions. Intensive coaching sessions are ideal for executives or key contributors who are extremely busy and want to focus on and accelerate their development. Before and after the offsite experience, the coach and client meet to determine outcomes and ensure follow-up.

Coaching Programs for Training Managers, Mentors, and Coaches A five-day intensive coaching program teaches managers, mentors, and coaches how to become exceptional developers using the Enneagram. "Developers" learn how to target their coaching to increase based on the "learner's" level of self-mastery and Enneagram style in addition to a variety of high-impact and incisive coaching techniques tailored to each style. Shorter versions and customized in-house coaching programs can be adapted to the organization's needs.

* For individuals seeking to develop or enhance their coaching abilities and skills, see Coaching with the Enneagram Program under the Resources section.

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