Sustainable Organizations

Large Scale Change Initiatives

Creating lasting change in organizations
Designing and implementing large scale change initiatives and cultural change require designing the future the organization's leaders want to achieve, understanding the organization as it is in order to develop a change architecture, and creating shifts in the attitudes and skills of their leaders and employees. We combine the Enneagram with the most sophisticated approaches to organizational change to achieve these growth goals. For example, the Enneagram is especially useful in creating participatory work environments and cultures in which employees take responsibility for their performance; developing respectful and supportive work environments; creating leadership cultures in which leaders support one another's growth and development; and facilitating mergers between organizations, business units, or teams.

We have extensive change management expertise as well as experience integrating the Enneagram with large group technologies such as Future Search, Open Space, World Café, and Blue Ocean Strategy to help organizations create change that lasts. In addition, our global network of Enneagram in Business professionals includes highly experienced consultants, trainers, and coaches who are multilingual, can provides services in local areas, and are able to work collaboratively for organizations with a presence in a variety of countries.

Conflict Resolution

Facilitating successful solutions with pairs, groups, and business units
Unresolved conflict damages work relationships, diminishes teamwork and productivity, limits creativity and innovation, and de-energizes organizations. Too much conflict creates fear and tension within organizations, while conflict that lies unaddressed beneath the surface erodes trust and communication. Using insights from the Enneagram in conjunction with effective conflict resolution techniques, those in conflict gain an understanding of the organizational causes of the conflict; the dynamics that perpetuate the situation; the ways in which they are contributing to the conflict; what is required of them to effectively resolve the situation; and reach agreements about how to prevent or de-escalate future conflicts that arise.

We facilitate conflict resolution between individuals, managers and employees, within teams at all levels in the organization, and between business units and organizations. Just as important, we assist organizations in leveraging the energy that gets released from effective conflict resolution to increase productivity and innovation.

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