Conscious Leaders

Executive and Senior Teams

Aligning executive teams to lead
Executive teams are unique because the environments in which they function are more dynamic, strategic, and highly political than those of other teams. As a result, executive team development requires highly specialized consulting, a deep understanding of the organization's strategic issues, and the ability to work with the complex roles and relationships between and among senior team members.

In addition to fostering collaboration and mutual respect, our executive team development consultations focus on the specific needs of the executive teams with which we work – for example, organizational vision, strategy development, the role of the executive team, leadership styles, executive decision making, and communication and collaboration between and among team members and the work units for which they are responsible. During these sessions, it is very common for senior teams to have "breakthrough" moments.

System-wide Leadership Development Programs

An intensive, organization-wide development program for the organization's leaders, supervisors, and high-potential employees
Creating capable and conscious leaders has never been more important for organizations across the globe. While some people are natural born leaders, most must meet the leadership challenge by learning on the job in an increasing complex, volatile, and constantly changing business environment. Because leadership style is a direct outgrowth of an individual's Enneagram style, insights from the Enneagram profoundly affect a leader's ability to understand, accept, and honor his or her leadership strengths as well as to identify and develop probable development areas before they become a limitation or problem. Because the Enneagram offers specific growth activities that target the exact development needs of leaders of each style, the Enneagram-leadership programs create remarkable leadership growth in a remarkably short time period.

In addition to enhancing overall leadership skills, the Enneagram can be used to enhance leadership capability in the specific leadership competency areas required by the organization: Drive for Results, Strive for Self-Mastery, Know the Business: Think and Act Strategically, Become an Excellent Communicator, Lead High-Performing Teams, Make Optimal Decisions, and Take Charge of Change.

There are several system-wide approaches to Enneagram-leadership programs: (1) interactive programs of varying lengths with 15-40 leaders from throughout the organization; (2) interactive programs of varying lengths conducted for intact management teams; and (3) Learning Communities of Leaders, a less formal, facilitated series of dialogue sessions focused on specific leadership competencies and learning how community members can support one another's development. The innovative technology of Learning Communities is described in more detail under Special Programs.

System-wide leadership programs have the advantage of targeting the specific leadership competencies most needed and can be combined with 360ยบ feedback and individual or group coaching for participants.

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