Engaged Employees

Cultures of Participation and Motivation

Creating cultures in which employees feel involved and motivated
As most companies are asking more of their employees than ever before, it is essential to elicit the best work from every employee. The Enneagram provides an ideal vehicle for employees to learn about themselves and others, to teach managers and employees what best motivates individuals of the nine Enneagram styles, and how to utilize the perspectives of each employee in creating new products and solving organizational problems.

Inclusion, Diversity, and Muticulturalism

Creating cultures in which employees feel valued and contribute fully
Recognizing, appreciating, and utilizing the differences employees bring to the workplace creates a positive and constructive working environment, enables employees to feel they can be themselves at work, and fosters a supportive and trusting work climate that embraces a variety of different perspectives. Honoring and leveraging these differences – for example, age, race, culture, gender, nationality, and personality styles among others – engages employees and allows them to make their full contribution to the organization's productivity and success.

The Enneagram in Business has two decades of experience working with inclusion, diversity, and multiculturalism: conducting assessments; enlisting the support of senior executives; helping clients develop an inclusive vision and strategies; creating the infrastructure to drive the initiative; designing and facilitating training programs for human resource personnel, managers, and individual contributors; and developing other targeted programs as needed.

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