Exemplary Teams

Team Building and Development

Developing high performance in strategic business units, work teams, project teams, committees, and task forces

Using the Enneagram for team building and team development is a fast and high-impact approach that is also engaging, instructive, and enjoyable. These team-focused sessions allow members to use the Enneagram, combined with team theory and practice from the behavioral sciences, to improve in the following areas:
  1. Clarifying team goals and optimal levels of interdependence between and among team members
  2. Understanding common roles played by team members and dramatically expanding these to create news ways of functioning and solving problems
  3. Identifying the team's current stage of development and how to advance teams to higher stages of performance
  4. Understanding team interactions based on Enneagram styles and how to improve the team's interpersonal dynamics
  5. Objectively discussing how effectively the team functions using an Enneagram map as a guide, then creating ways to enhance the team's ability to plan and make decisions, respond to people in the organization, and take effective action
Team Design and Execution

Creating optimal team design and execution
While team dynamics play a key role in a team's success, equally important is the way in which teams are designed. How elements such as vision, leadership, talent, architecture, processes, results, and team culture are designed actually influence and affect many of a team's dynamics. By integrating the insights of the Enneagram with an assessment of various team elements, teams can accurately assess their current level of effectiveness and improve their current level of functioning.

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