Change Initiatives with Intact Teams and Organizations
The Enneagram in Business consults to organizations worldwide who want to create sustainable organizations, conscious leaders, engaged employees, and exemplary teams by offering a full range of organizational consulting services that integrate the principles and practices of organization development with the insights of the Enneagram.

Consulting differs from training. While training programs provide information, insight, and skill building to individuals within organizations, consulting focuses on leaders and their teams who work together to achieve common goals. Consultations have a designated leader or leadership team that works collaboratively with the consultant and focus on specific organizational needs, challenges, and opportunities that can be effectively addressed using the Enneagram, combined with methods and techniques from organization development and change management.

When we consult, we use the Action Research method to: determine client needs and develop a working contact or agreement; collect relevant data; communicate what has been learned through data-feedback to the client; supportively challenge the client and the organization to change; and then develop and implement – in full collaboration with the client – the most effective approaches to creating an effective and long-lasting change.

The consulting services described below include a few examples among many in the following four consulting categories: sustainable organizations, conscious leaders, engaged employees, and exemplary teams. Every consultation is customized to the needs of the specific organization in which we work.

The Enneagram can be integrated into every consulting project and a variety of special consulting applications are available.

Sample Consulting Projects

    Sustainable Organizations
    Large Scale Change Initiatives

    Creating lasting change in organizations
    Conflict Resolution
    Facilitating successful solutions with pairs, groups, and business units

    Conscious Leaders
    Executive and Senior Teams

    Aligning executive teams to lead
    System-wide Leadership Development Programs
    An intensive, organization-wide development program for the organization's leaders, supervisors, and high-potential employees

    Engaged Employees
    Cultures of Participation and Motivation

    Creating cultures in which employees feel involved and motivated
    Inclusion, Diversity, and Multiculturalism
    Creating cultures in which employees feel valued and contribute fully

    Exemplary Teams
    Team Building and Development

    Developing high performance in strategic business units, work teams, project teams, committees, and task forces
    Team Design and Execution
    Creating optimal team design and execution
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