Blue Ocean Strategy and the Enneagram

This four-day program, based on the Blue Ocean approach to strategy developed by Kim and Mauborgne (Blue Ocean Strategy, HBS Press 2005) and integrated with the insights of the Enneagram, enables organizations, strategic business units, and teams to design their futures. Uncertainty is transformed into an opportunity to create new market space by focusing on value innovation for customers and pursuing differentiation and low-cost simultaneously. Just as important, this compelling and engaging program goes beyond strategy development and generates a dramatic change in mindset, moving from a narrow and restrictive paradigm of Red Ocean competition focused on beating the competition, to one in which colleagues become true collaborators and competition becomes irrelevant.

Using the Enneagram in conjunction with the Blue Ocean Strategy approach allows participants to communicate more effectively during the program and to bring out the best contributions of every team member.
Learning Communities

Developed by Ginger Lapid-Bogda and pioneered over several years at Genentech, Learning Communities enable members to explore their self-development, enhance their emotional intelligence, and accelerate the development of concrete skills by participating in ongoing learning groups in which each member makes a commitment to his or her growth and development and to the continued development of other Learning Community members. This technology is based on the premise that while some learning can and should be done alone, other learning occurs most effectively with the feedback and support of colleagues.

In these informal yet structured sessions, participants meet on a regular basis with a facilitator who guides the Learning Community and provides additional insights. Learning Communities meet weekly, monthly, or every other month for 2-4 hours. This innovative technology has been a highly effective, as well as extremely efficient, way to develop leadership capabilities based on the Enneagram and the seven leadership competencies from What Type of Leader Are You? In addition, Learning Communities are also being used with individual contributors in work teams, as well as with individuals who work in different parts of the organization but have the same Enneagram style. All of the above applications create or support a culture change, moving from one of competition to one of development and support.

Learning Community Guidelines
  • Everyone gets the opportunity to participate.
  • No one needs to share anything they prefer not to discuss.
  • You can share anything that you said about yourself outside the session.
  • Ideas and learning can be shared with others outside the sessions, but no names should be either stated or implied.
  • Remember that people are not numbers, and people are far more than their Enneagram styles.
  • Maintain a spirit of curiosity, inquiry, and exploration.
  • Remember that everyone is here to support his or her own learning in addition to each other's learning.

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