We have a strong commitment to supporting the growth of organizations that provide development services at no or low cost to members of the community. This includes training, consulting, and coaching services using the Enneagram and discounts on training materials. Examples of organizations we support include battered women's projects, homeless shelters, environmental projects with limited budgets, and prison-related work.

To learn more about the Enneagram in Business services and discounts for community-based groups, contact Judy Wilbratte at (713) 522-0400 or
Low Cost and Pro-Bono Services

These services are provided when coaches, consultants, and trainers of the Enneagram in Business Network are available. Local professionals are used when available. Fees may either be greatly reduced or free; in most cases, the client pays the travel expenses.
Discounts for Community-Based Organizations

Training tools are provided at $3 per item or for free, depending on the financial need of the requesting organization.
Case Studies
  • Brigid's Hope: Women Transitioning from Prison – Judy Wilbratte
    >> Download PDF

  • The Viral Enneagram: Building Community One Organization at a Time – Jennifer Joss Bradley
    >> Download PDF

  • Reconnecting with the Women Behind the Mother: A Journey Back to Self – Ruth Landis
    >> Download PDF

  • BoysTown: A Systems Approach to Building Emotional Health – Gayle Hardie & Malcolm Lazenby
    >> Download PDF

  • Orphaned Teenagers in Iran – Delbar Niroushak
    >> Download PDF

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