In-house development programs that build organizational capability
Our Enneagram-based training programs are profound, provocative, stimulating, engaging, and fun, while simultaneously building individual, group, and organizational skills and capabilities. Although the programs listed below are already designed and field-tested, these programs and others can be customized to meet the client's needs – for example, programs on using the Enneagram with diversity, motivation, employee and customer engagement, creativity and innovation, negotiations, presentation skills, sales, and strategic planning (including Blue Ocean Strategy).

All programs begin with an introduction to the Enneagram and the identification of each participant's style, unless participants are already familiar with the system. Otherwise, participants cannot apply the Enneagram to increase their capability. From this foundation, a variety of applications are available, depending on an organization's needs. Because it is highly recommended that all programs include at least one business application after participants have identified their styles, programs are usually a minimum of four hours.

In addition to training programs on specific applications of the Enneagram, we also have the technology and experience to leverage these programs to create an organizational culture shift – for example, creating participatory and empowered work environments, creating cultures in which employees take full responsibility for their performance in mutually respectful and supportive work environments, and changing leadership cultures from ones in which leaders have to appear invulnerable with all the answers into a culture in which leaders support one another's growth and development.

Core Typing Program: Discover Your Enneagram Style
Learn the Enneagram system and how to identify your Enneagram style

Business Applications of the Enneagram
The Enneagram can help you address your organization’s needs in a wide variety of areas. These Enneagram applications, fully integrated with models and practices from organization development, include areas such as communication, conflict, feedback, teams, decision-making, coaching, self-development, leadership style, and leadership competency development..

Special Certification Programs
Train-the-Trainer Programs (based on Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work or What Type of Leader Are You?) and the “Coaching with the Enneagram” Certificate Program (based on Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach) can be brought directly to your organization.

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Core Typing Program: Discover Your Enneagram Style

Increase your self-awareness and social competence
An introduction to the Enneagram, this program enables participants to understand the system, identify their styles, and observe other styles in action. Activities include self-assessments, mini-lectures, exercises, demonstrations, and small and large group discussions. This program, a prerequisite for all other programs, can be 2.5 hours or longer, depending on the activities selected.

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Business Applications of the Enneagram

  • Coaching
    Become an exemplary coach
    Designed for everyone serving in a coaching or mentoring capacity, a variety of programs are available. Activities include self-assessments, mini-lectures, small and large group exercises and discussions, and skill practice. Sample topic areas include:
    • Short-term, long-term, and/or crisis coaching methodologies and techniques integrated with the Enneagram designed to enhance participants' coaching skills
    • Using the Enneagram to identify clients' ("learners") core development issues and specific coaching techniques that accelerate their growth
    • Personal and professional development for coaches in their coaching role
    Coaching programs can vary in length depending on organizational needs. In addition, the five-day Coaching with the Enneagram certificate program is available in-house.

    Coaching with the Enneagram Program

  • Communication
    Improve your communication skills
    Learn the communication strengths of the nine Enneagram styles as well as their unintentional speaking and listening distortions. From this understanding, participants practice communicating more clearly and listening more fully. Activities include self-assessments, mini-lectures, small group exercises, large group discussions, and skill development.

  • Conflict
    Prevent, de-escalate, and resolve conflict
    This program teaches participants how to use the Enneagram to respond constructively to conflict, guiding them to:
    1. Prevent many conflict situations from arising;
    2. De-escalate conflict once it occurs; and
    3. Use conflict as a basis for mutual understanding and self-insight.
    Activities include self-assessment, exercises, mini-lectures, small and large group discussions, demonstrations, and skill practice.

  • Feedback
    Improve performance through effective feedback
    In this skill-based program, participants learn how to give effective feedback to others as well as how to both avoid typical Enneagram style-based errors when giving feedback and to tailor the feedback to the Enneagram style of the feedback recipient. Activities include mini-lectures, case studies, exercises, small and large group discussions, demonstrations, and skill practice.

  • Leadership
    Develop your leadership potential
    Leadership programs are effective in any size group, can be customized for intact management teams at every level, and are delivered in either interactive workshop format or Leadership Learning Communities, an innovative technology that is less formal and promotes dialogue and mutual learning and support.

    • Expand Your Leadership Style
      Because leadership styles grow directly from Enneagram style, this program enables leaders to understand: (1) the nine different leadership paradigms and their related strengths and potential derailers (areas that can become obstacles to success); (2) the predictable behaviors of leaders of each style; and (3) how to enhance leadership capability using the Enneagram. Activities include self-assessments, mini-lectures, case studies, exercises, and small and large group discussions.

      Become an Excellent Communicator
      Through the Enneagram and a variety of action learning activities, leaders learn how to enhance their ability to create genuine relationships, listen fully, communicate more clearly, respond to conflict effectively, give effective feedback, and influence others.

      Drive for Results
      Through the Enneagram and a variety of action learning activities, leaders learn how to enhance their ability to achieve maximum results, including: setting overall direction and common goals; creating workable plans: assigning tasks effectively: expecting, evaluating, and rewarding high performance at key milestones: and providing ongoing stewardship and guidance.

      Know the Business: Think and Act Strategically
      Through the Enneagram and a variety of action learning activities, leaders learn how to enhance their ability to assess their external and internal business environments, then develop a strategic architecture — vision, mission, strategy, goals and tactics — for their organizations, business units, and teams.

      Lead High-Performing Teams
      Through the Enneagram and a variety of action learning activities, leaders learn how to enhance their ability to design and lead teams of all sizes by focusing on quality products and services; aligning teams around a compelling vision; attracting, motivating, and developing talent; developing the optimal team architecture and effective processes; creating a team culture; and exhibiting exemplary team leadership.

      Make Optimal Decisions
      Through the Enneagram and a variety of action learning activities, leaders learn how to understand and expand their ability to make wise decisions by gaining access and clarity to their reasoning, emotions and values, and ability to take action, all in the context of the organizational culture, the organization's decision-making expectations, and the specific factors of the decision such as urgency, complexity, amount of participation required, and more.

      Strive for Self-Mastery
      Through the Enneagram and a variety of action learning activities, leaders learn how to heighten their self-mastery in order to understand themselves better; appreciate their strengths and work on their development areas; enhance their ability to relate effectively to others; and understand the direct connection between the leader's level of self-mastery and his or her leadership excellence.

      Take Charge of Change
      Through the Enneagram and a variety of action learning activities, leaders learn how to lead change including designing the change; assessing the current situation; developing transition structures and plans; dealing effectively with resistance and more.

      Stretch Your Leadership Paradigms
      Through the Enneagram, leaders learn how to transform their leadership capabilities through paradigm enhancement and other growth-accelerating development activities.

  • Self-Development and Transformation
    Activities for your immediate and long-term development needs
    Dedicated to personal and professional development needs based on Enneagram style, participants engage in development activities tailored to their style. In addition, participants also learn how to use other aspects of the Enneagram system for their growth, including changing their mental patterns and emotional habits and using wing styles, arrow lines, and subtypes. Activities are primarily experiential — individual work, small group exercises and discussion, and large group exercises — interspersed with discussions about why certain activities are effective for each Enneagram style.

  • Teams
    Become an excellent team leader and team member
    Through activities such as mini-lectures, individual and team assessments, exercises, feedback, small and large group discussions, and simulations, employees and managers learn how to use the Enneagram to create high-performing teams in one or more of the following areas:

    1. Establishing common team goals
    2. Identifying the ideal interdependence among team members
    3. Expanding the repertoire of roles individuals play on teams
    4. Accelerating team performance based on the four stages of team development
    5. Examining style-based behavior on teams
    6. Understanding and improving team interactions based on style

    Also see: Consulting: Creating Exemplary Teams
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Special Certification Programs

  • Train-the-Trainer Programs
    Build the capability to deliver these programs in-house
    Train-the-Trainer: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work
    Leadership Train-the-Trainer: What Type of Leader Are You?
    These Train-the-Trainer programs can be brought to your company so that HR personnel, internal trainers and consultants, and managers learn to facilitate teaching the Enneagram system, typing, and a wide variety of business applications.

  • Coaching Programs for Managers and Coaches
    Train your managers and internal coaches to use the Enneagram in their coaching
    Coaching with the Enneagram, an intensive five-day program, is available for managers and internal coaches who want to use the Enneagram when they develop others at work. Shorter, customized coaching programs are also available.
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